BMX in Minoan Athletic Camp, Melesses, Crete Greece

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Heraklion is the beautiful capital city of Crete and the economic center of the island. Surrounded by many picturesque villages, amazing beaches with crystal clear sea, long history with many museums and archaeological sites to visit and above all, fantastic food and intense nightlife, Heraklion is among the top destinations for summer holidays in Crete.

With a warm Mediterranean climate, hot and dry clear days during summer that often cool off  with the seasonal breezes and mild winters, Crete is a perfect location for many outdoor activities, all year round.

For those who are into BMX, located only with few miles away from the city of Heraklion, Minoan Athletic Camp is a unique facility, offering everything a rider could wish for. Designed and constructed according to the highest international standards of  the International Cycling Federation (UCI), the BMX and the Four Cross piste provides the riders with non stop fun.

The track is 1312 ft/400 m long on a soil terrain, hosting many jumps that develop four different difficulty level stages. It also includes a start up point and a shutdown exit as well as a ramp start, night lighting and a system timing. Suitable for beginners as well as for those who wish to improve their skills and learn new tricks, Minoan Athletic Camp is the place to be.

Having hosted many local and national BMX races, it has gained the reputation of being one of the best and most organized BMX tracks in Greece. So if you are planning a visit in Crete, don’t miss the opportunity to ride the Minoan trails, have fun, meet new people and feel the thrill of  biking with a MBX.