BMX in Zero Gravity Skatepark, Mound, Minnesota USA

3ft/0.9m minipipe, 4ft/1.2m flybox, 4ft/1.2m minipipe, volcano
Mound is a settlement situated in Hennepin County, Minnesota, United States. Some of the local sites are the Mound Marketplace, the Lost Lake Greenway, the realignment of County Road 15 and the Villas on Lost Lake townhouses.

In Mound you will have the opportunity to enjoy the most exciting BMX of your life. Taking into account that you have the features you need , the only thing left to do is to take your friend with you, all your positive energy and visit the Zero Gravity Skatepark as soon as possible.

Zero Gravity is located right south of Wolner Field on Cypress Road (behind SuperAmerica), at the end of Maywood Road. It is approximately 150 ft/45.72 m long and 20 ft/6 m wide. This outdoor park  has concrete surface, half pipes, some ramps and some other obstacles. So, hone your skills on a 3 ft/0.9 m minipipe, a 4 ft/1.2 m flybox, a 4 ft/1.2 m minipipe and a volcano, which is also the runway for the flybox. They are also adding some Skatelite half pipes. Furthermore, there are some half pipes, which are under construction.

Be aware that in order to prevent injuries, there are no grind rails. The skatepark is free of charge and ideal for all ages. So, when you get in Mound, don’t miss the chance to visit this sought after BMX Park!!!