BMX in Kona Skatepark, Jacksonville, Florida USA

Skill Level:
Beginners and advanced
Best season:
All year round
Skatepark size:
Over 6 ac/24281 m²
Terrain type:
Concrete, metal
Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida State, located on the banks of St. John's River and bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. With 300 days of long sunshine, a coastline of over 20 mi/32 km long, inter-coastal waterways and the largest urban park system in the country, Jacksonville is a paradise and a top destination for outdoor activities and holidays all year round.

Jacksonville has hot humid summers with light thunderstorms during the afternoon hours and mild freezes during winter. The overall temperature varies from 18 to 33°C (64 to 92°F) all year round.

Kona Skatepark is a special place, operating since 1977. As it is one of the first outdoor concrete facilities in the states and home to many amazing skate boarding and BMX competitions and events, there is no question about how it has got its reputation.

The facilities of the park are incredible, including a full size vert ramp, a snake run that drops at 100 ft/30 m down, a 10 ft/3 m kidney pool, a 30 ft/9 m deep bowl with tombstone extension, a huge x-game style course and so many more installations for non stop freestyle fun.

The park is open for BMX activities from Sunday through Thursday, all year round. There are no lessons available on the spot, however, if you are a beginner and visit the skate-park, get involved with the local BMX community and you will make many new friends that will introduce you into freestyle BMX world.