Rock Climbing in Darlington Boulders, Perth, Western Australia Australia

Best Period:
All Year
Highest Climb:
Perth is the capital city of Western Australia, located on the Swan River. The climate here is classified as Mediterranean, with hot and dry summers and cool and wet winters. Immerse yourself in the unique combination of stunning natural surroundings, beautiful beaches with clear waters, greenery park-lands and outstanding city architecture that attract visitors all year long.

Darlington Boulders nestles in a valley of the Helena River, at about 30 km/18.6 mi in the east of Perth. It is undoubtedly one of the best outdoor training locations in the metropolitan area. The majority of the routes here, are slab to vertical. In addition, most of the climbs are mid range with some trad routes and a few fully bolted climbs.

There are about 10 different areas and the highest climb is around 15 m/49.2 ft high. The difficulty level varies, depending on the chosen route. Furthermore, the Slabs and the Upper Darlington Area provide with good shade protection from the really hot summer. Last but not least, climbing at Darlington Boulders is possible at any time of the year.