Rock Climbing in La Grotte de Peillon, Nice, Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur France

GPS Coordinates of the starting point:
7º 23' 27.0" E / 43º 47' 0.7" N
Height start/end:
520 m/1706 ft - 777 m/2549 ft
Elevation gain:
257 m/843 ft
750 m/2461 ft
6b to 8c
Nice is the administrative capital of the Alps – Maritime department, the second largest city on the Mediterranean coast after Marseille and the fifth most populous city in France right after Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Toulouse. It is situated on the southeast coast of France by the Mediterranean Sea. The Nice urban area extends beyond the administrative city limits. The mild Mediterranean climate and the natural beauty of Nice along with the big sporting activity came to attention of various types of athletes.

At about 1.6 km /1 mi before the village of Peille, within approximately 30 minutes from Nice, there lies Peille La Grotte, a rock climbing heaven. Cave Peillon is one of the most beautiful sites in the region, both for the quality of the routes and for the frame.

You can climb almost all year, except on July and August. Lanes to the right of ‘La violence et le sacre’ are in the sun all day and the way into the cave goes in the shade by mid-morning. At this climbing combo, you will find 38 routes where the difficulty level varies from 6b to 8c. The beginning of Via Ferrata is at the village of Peille.

The first gateway is a canopy that leads you deeper in the forest in order to find the first climb. The first part is kind of steep but the view of the village when you exit it is rewarding. When you exit the cave, a thread can move easily. After that, the next part is frankly stiff, creating a dramatic atmosphere.

Next you will meet a Monkey Bridge that will bring you to the next and final level, where you can go down a part of the mountain with a nice zip. It is an amazing experience that combines rock climbing and canopying with zip lining, so if you are an adventure enthusiast, this is the route for you.