Mountain Biking in Alsopp Park, Little Rock, Arkansas USA

Climb // Descend:
+800ft (243.84m) // -800ft (243.84m)
5 mi / 8.05 km
Arkansas’ biggest city and capital, Little Rock is an extraordinary combination of entertainment and history. Visitors can pay a visit to the Central High Museum, Children’s Museum and Discovery Museum. They can also savor meals in awesome restaurants with flavors from practically all over the world, keeping money in their pockets, as it is one of the most affordable cities in America. Little Rock offers many recreational activities in its parks, rivers and mountains.

Alsopp Park is in Little Rock Arkansas and features a technical and harsh 5 mi/8.05 km trail. It consists of short, sharp climbs and descents that make it an intermediate trail. It splits into two zones, the east and west zone, separated by a residential area. The central trail starts near the park entrance and ascends to edge the residential area.

There are many sub-trails moving down the central trail, approaching the east zone. Several ”loops” can be conjoined in different ways to make the ride as long as one wishes. There are also lots of rocky areas and many twisty downhills and you have to be aware of unleashed dogs and walkers. The trail on the side of Arkansas river and all the way to the river mountain park is enjoyable and very picturesque.

So, if you want to experience the best mountain biking, Alsopp Park is definitely worth a visit!!!