Skiing in Mount Olympus Ski Area, Troodos Mountains, Cyprus

Snow season:
January to March
Maximum altitude:
Base altitude:
Vertical drop:
Troodos is located in the centrer of Cyprus and is the highest mountain range on the island. With its highest peak reaching up to 6404 ft/1952 m above sea level, Troodos boasts amazing lanscapes, many ancient Byzantine monasteries and beautiful forests and rivers with rich and rare flora and fauna.

Due to the natural environment, climate and cultural heritage, Troodos is a major attraction for tourists and a great place for many outdoor activities all year round. The climate on the mountains is Mediterranean, with hot and dry summers and an average temperature of  28°C/82.4°F and cold and wet winters with an average temperature of  3°C/37.4°F and frequent snowfalls.

During the winter months, soft powder snow covers the highest peaks of the mountain and the slopes in Mount Olympus ski area are open for the ski fans. The ski area has a maximum altitude of 6332 ft/1929 m and offers six different ski slopes, named after the Greek Gods like Hermes, Aphrodite, Hera and Dias, operating from 9:00 to 16:00, seven days a week, when the ski season is on.

The base elevation of the ski resort is located at an altitude of 6069 ft/1849 m, while it has a vertical drop of 262 ft/79.8 m. Organized with lifts, restaurants, schools, gear rentals and snack bars, the ski area is suitable for all ages and skill levels. Winter in Cyprus might not be long, but for those who wish to ski on the most southern slopes of Europe, Mt. Olympus ski area is the ideal destination for winter sports. Accommodation is available in several villages around the area.