Mountain Biking in The Dell, Kalamunda, Western Australia Australia

Skill level:
Beginners and advanced
The Dell in Kalamunda is Perth’s number one mountain bike location, at 40 km/24 mi in the east of Perth. The location offers numerous trails, centered primarily around Mount Gunjin. There are plenty of tracks on the spot, the more you ride, the more you find.

There are few trails on the northern side of Camel Farm side. On the southern side of Mundaring Weir Road, you will find Mountain Gunjin, the starting point of many of the tracks of Kalamunda’s circuit. The Kalamunda circuit covers some other minor tracks but in order to find the whole lot, you will need to go right to the top of Gunjin Road, a nasty climb up on a dirty road but well worth it.

This will lead you down to the eastern part where many more trails can be found. Keep exploring and you will find a new track! The location is suitable for riders of all level of difficulty. If you wish to have an easy warm up, cross the road up the Mundabiddi, and then follow along the fire trail which runs parallel to Weir Road.

You will find tracks running off here and after a few kilometers take a right towards another car park. You will then see the Kalamunda Circuit, which crosses back over Weir Road. The other half of the Dell is down on the hill from the car park. Head north and down the hill and find the fire trail that runs about 50m away. From there, you have access to many tracks. A particularly good option would be to follow the fire trail until you see a track on your right. Take this direction and see where you end up!