Mountain Biking in Mount Pantokrator, Corfu Island, Ionian Islands Greece

Skill Level:
60 km/37.3 mi
The beautiful island of Corfu is situated in the Ionian Sea and is part of the Eptanisa island complex. Blessed with amazing natural landscape, stunning sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, along with historical monuments and medieval villages, Corfu is a fascinating Mediterranean destination that enchants and inspires visitors!

Mountain biking is probably the best way to discover the authentic spirit of Corfu. The island is full of cycling opportunities regardless the skill level of the cyclist, providing stunning views of the green landscape. A magnificient and very popular mountain tour that offers challenging routes, is Mount Pantokrator, which is the highest peak on the island at 906 m/2.972 ft high. Mount Pantokrator is situated on the northeast side of Corfu.

The route is about 60 km/37.3 mi and requires good fitness level and previous mountain biking experience. During this day trip, you will pass through traditional mountain villages and explore a range of tracks and trails. Cyclists will be amazed by the historical sites, orchards of lemons and oranges and olive groves. The most difficult part of the trip is the last few kilometers before you reach the monastery, situated on the top of the mountain.

Nevertheless the breathtaking views of the whole island and the Albanian mainland will definitely reward you! Last but not least, there are highly qualified tour operators to help you and provide the necessary equipment for your adventure.