Mountain Biking in Canada Olympic Park, Calgary, Alberta Canada

Top Elevation:
1250 m (4100 ft)
Base Elevation:
1130 m (3710 ft)
Canada Olympic Park is also known as Pascapoo Ski Hill and is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The Park is situated in western Calgary, south of the Trans-Canada Highway, north of the community of Cougar Ridge and west of Bowness. The Park is functioned by WinSport Canada and invites all those people who want to have fun and enjoy themselves in all fields.

Come and discover the beauty of this place in both summer and winter season and you will have the best memories. So, don’t let the daily routine make you feel bored. Choose this place for your entertainment as well as for your relaxation.

The park offers a wide range of winter and summer activities, stunning views and friendly atmosphere. Get in touch with this environment and perform the most popular activity, mountain biking.

Canadian Olympic Park has a top elevation of 1250 m (4100 ft) and a base elevation of 1130 m (3710 ft). In summer, Canada Olympic Park is open to offer you the opportunity of an amazing experience.

On the west hill’s side, there are many trails with complete north shore ladder stunts and singletrack trails. The park is ideal for all skill-levels, providing from green trails with pump tracks to blue jump trails and an only expert black trail. It also has a large dirt jump park and trials park. You will not be able to exercise your activity, if conditions are unsafe.