Climbing Walls in Aberdeen, Scotland, Northeastern Scotland United Kingdom

Beginners to Expert
15 m / 49 ft
50 lead routes/ 60 boulder problems/ 70 varied bottom rope routes
Climbing surface:
800 m²/8611 ft²
While weather conditions may keep you away from a natural setting in order to practice rock climbing, Aberdeen city gives you the possibility to lose no time and practice your favorite sport indoors, before hitting a natural rock climbing spot anywhere in the wider surrounding area.

You can find two spots in the city of Aberdeen for indoor climbing. Located near the city center access point, accommodation options are easily identified in the vicinity of the spots for Indoor Rock Climbing. We’ve picked up the most challenging for you. Whether a beginner or an expert climber you will be able to find the perfect root for you at its 800 m²/8611 ft² climbing surface.

”Transition extreme” provides amazing indoor facilities for wall climbing. The wall is designed to host many users simultaneously and it counts 15 m /49 ft high to the top with 4000 grips. Take your pick between the 50 challenging lead routes, 70 varied bottom rope routes or 60 ever-changing boulder problems. With an amazing range of different climbing styles and the constantly changing routes you will never get bored of trying to make it to the top.