Mountain Biking in Gulmarg Resort, Jammu & Kashmir, Jammu & Kashmir India

Skill level:
Intermediate and advanced
Top elevation:
12959 ft/3950 m
Best season:
May to October
Jammu and Kashmir is a state, located in the majestic Himalayan mountains. Bordered with China in the East and North and Pakistan in the Northwest and West, the area is known for its amazing landscapes, such as the Kashmir valley and the bio geographical diversity with a wide range of elevations, subtropical pine forests and the endless Northwestern Himalayan alpine shrub forests and meadows.

Gulmarg is a small mountainous resort town, situated at the western end of Himalayas, in Pir Panjal mountain range and it overlooks the Valley of Kashmir, Nanga Parbat and other distinct peaks. During winter, Gulmarg resort is one of the major ski destinations in India and visitors arrive from all around the globe, in order to enjoy the wilderness of this side of the Himalayas and ski on its incredible slopes.

However, winter is not the only season for outdoor activities in the area. As soon as the snow melts, a wonderful, unspoiled nature is revealed. The spot is still under development and offers endless trails for the mountain bike enthusiasts. Since all trails start from the summit of Mt. Apharwat, downhill and free ride biking are among the best things you can experience.

Once you start descending the mountain’s face, you will be amazed by the natural beauty and the endless routes that cover the entire mountain range. As the trails were being used by horses, they offer a wide variety of difficult passages through ancient forests, tree roots and rocks, as well as many steep drops and crumbling cliffs.

The best season to visit is from May to October and this ride is suitable for intermediate and advanced mountain bikers only. Since there are no marked trails or any other facilities and bike rentals, it is advisable to book an organized tour and enjoy a guided wild ride. Keep in mind that weather conditions are unpredictable on the mountain and during summer months, temperatures can reach up to 84 °F/29 °C. Extreme rain showers may occur, so be prepared in regards of gear and clothing.