Mountain Biking in Goodman Trail, Blue River, Oregon USA

Trail length:
26 miles (41.84 km)
7.9 miles (12.72 km)
950 feet/290 m
Highest point:
1600 feet/487.68 m
If you like challenges and combination of nature's elements, daring your mountain bike techniques, you will find this a great trail.

Conveniently located near Eugene in Oregon, this 7.9 mi/12.72 km trail is the perfect spot for you and your bike.

You find summer being the best season to ride here, while it is not so much fun when wet. It is a downhill route, but has some difficult points making it more suitable for intermediate and advanced athletes. The trail’s elevation reaches up to 950 ft/290 m and the highest point is at 1600 ft/487.68 m. One has a lot of challenges to face passing through this trail like rocky terrain, water areas, unprotected and tight routes, fast downhill rides, so some skills are required.

Goodman Trail is an excellent choice for mountain bike lovers and combined with the amazing scenery, it is an experience worth trying. After all this exercise you find plenty of accommodation and dinning options at Eugene.