Snow Shoeing in Elk Lake Resort, Bend, Oregon USA

Trail :
11 miles (17.70 km)
Elk Lake is a lake located along the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway, only at eleven miles passing Mount Bachelor in Central Oregon Cascade Mountains.

Relatively close to Bend, it is more or less a 35 minute drive. However in winter, there is no other way to access the resort but by the resort’s transportation or via your snowmobile and maybe by skiing for the most fit and daring ones.

It is an 11 mi/17.70 km ski trip through some of the most breathtaking scenery of Central Oregon. In the resort, you find a lot of open areas, trails in the forest, groomed terrain and unpaved courses for snowshoeing.

You should not miss visiting Canyon Lake, a lake beautifully shaped every year by ice crystals, a spectacle worth seeing, while being there. Regarding accommodation, you find a range of cabins in the resort, but you won’t have problems locating something else near by.

Note that you can rent snowshoe gear at the resort.