Mountain Biking in Glenn Cunningham Lake, Omaha, Nebraska USA

Trail Length:
14.5 km/ 9 mi
Omaha is the largest and known city, the county seat of Douglas County in Nebraska, United States. This incredible city is located in the Midwestern United States on the Missouri River, approximately at 16 km/10 mi in the north of the mouth of Platte River.

With the nickmane “Getaway to the west”, there’s no better place for filling yourself with new experiences and a lot of pleasure. Just visit Omaha and witness its natural beauty. As far as your adventure is concerned, Omaha provides you a perfect place where the activity of Mountain Biking will definitely impress you. All beginner and intermediate Mountain Bikers are welcomed to Glenn Cunningham Lake. It is a 14.5 km/ 9 mi loop system.

This nice mix of single and double track includes grass, mud, asphalt, and gravel. It offers many challenges for a beginner and intermediate rider who needs to expand his skills. It is also recommended to start at marina and go through campgrounds.

And, when you feel ready for another experience, the incredible city of Omaha promises endless entertainment!