Mountain Biking in Jackfork Trail, Little Rock, Arkansas USA

7.4 mi / 11.9 km
intermediate to advanced
723 ft / 220.37 m
- 726 ft / 221.28 m
Arkansas’ biggest city and capital, Little Rock is an extraordinary combination of entertainment and history. Visitors can pay a call to Central High Museum, Children’s Museum and Discovery Museum and enjoy meals from practically all over the world to its awesome restaurants, keeping the money in their pockets as it is one of the most affordable cities in America. One can also have many recreational activities to its parks, rivers and mountains.

The Jackfork Mountain Biking Trail is an enjoyable intermediate to advanced singletrack mountain biking trail that passes through a barely ever seen part of the Pinnacle Mountain State park. It is a technical mountain biking trail with short downhill sections, lots of turns, tough climbs, descents and rock obstacles.

Its total length is only 7.4 mi / 11.9 km long but if you think that makes it a short workout trail, you are completely wrong. It is very rocky and its short downhill sections make it difficult for a beginner or a rider without excellent physical condition to last the entire route.

Some of the most interesting parts of the trail are the climbs into the rocky slopes of the Fulk Mountains and a couple of man-made wood bridge stream crossings. During your ride, you will also pass along some small rock gardens and big roots. Its ascent is up to 723 ft / 220.37 m and its descent – 726 ft / 221.28 m. Due to the difficulties, it lacks of flow but there is a new trail section, built to help address it. Prepare to get tired but also looking forward to riding it again and again!