Extreme Hiking / Hiking in Awini Trail, Pololu Valley, Hawaii USA

Trail length:
Hiking time:
2 Hours
Pololu Valley is the Northernmost valley, forming the East coast of the Kohala Mountain after Waipio Valley. The valley goes at 420 ft/128 m downwards and it ends at a beautiful beach with black sand.

The trail starts at the edge of the Pololu Lookout where you can park your car. The trail is about 4 mi/6 km long (out and back) and it does not require high hiking skills. However, a good physical condition is essential because getting back up can be a real workout.

The trail is steep in places especially if it is raining and the streams are flooded, muddy and full of tree roots. The view is spectacular while you follow the trail down because you can admire the Pacific ocean and the edgy cliffs around the valley. When you reach the valley floor, you can relax in the remote beach made of trimmed sand and volcanic rocks and have a picnic. The sea is rough and not suitable for swimming.

Hikers should wear good hiking shoes and a light raincoat, take water and food with them  although there are streams of fresh water flowing down the valley. Before you go, don’t forget to check up for weather conditions. If it is raining a lot, it is dangerous to hike this trail. For accommodation, you can either stay in Hilo Town or Kapauu Village.