Extreme Hiking / Hiking in Pinecrest Lake, Sonora, California USA

4 mi/6.4 km
Sonora Pass is located near Pinecrest, Tuolumne County, California, USA. It is off of Highway about 60 mi/96.5 km east of Sonora.

Hiking trails are spread everywhere across the mountains. There is something for everyone in the Sonora Pass region, as there are all kind of trails, easy, intermediate and high elevation and also long day adventures. One of the best trails to hike is Pinecrest Lake Trail, which is a 4 mi/6.4 km, moderate trail with elevation gain of 100 ft/30.5 m.

The trail is one of the most popular hikes of the area. Begin your adventure at any point you wish and set out in either direction. If you begin at the Day Use Area and go counter-clockwise, the trail skirts the southern edge of the lake and passes through scattered summer homes.

At the end of the lake you find large flat rocks, worth daring into for great view across the lake. There is a section of the trail, that leads to the dam, requiring extra attention to your footing.