Caving / Spelunking in Jomblang Cave, Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta Indonesia

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Java is the 5th largest island in Indonesia and the world's most populous as well. It acts as Indonesia's center of cultural and economic activity. Java is divided into four provinces, West Java, East Java, Central Java and Banted, plus two additional special regions, Jakarta and Yogyakarta. Java is almost entirely of volcanic origin and lies between Sumatra to the west and Bali to the east.

Jomblang cave is famous for its eerie stories, in fact the locals are scared of the horrible history of the cave. But don’t let this discourage you!!! Once you get to the bottom, all the fear and fatigue will be replaced by a feeling of awe of the dazzling Jomblang Cave. Indeed the journey down the cave is strenuous and needs a lot of fortitude, especially for first timers.

Jomblang cave is located in Jetis Wetan Village, at about 50 km/31 mi downtown Yogyakarta. The cave is a vertical cave at 50 m/164 ft wide with vertical sides ranging between 40-80 m/131-262 ft and a thick ancient forest below. There are 4 different tracks to choose from varying in heights. The first track consists of a 15 m/49 ft of steep slope and about 20 m/66 ft of Single Technique Rope (SRT) descend while the other 3 are track A at 60 m/196 ft, track B at 40 m/131 ft and track C at 80 m/262 ft.

Once at the bottom of the cave, you can relax a bit before continuing to trace the 300 m/984 ft tunnel that connects Cave Jombland with another cave called Grubung, where you will be able to see light from heaven!! To attempt to descend the cave, you need to always be accompanied by a qualified guide and must be equipped with tools which have passed safety standard for caving. The best time to cave here is between 10:00-12:00 when the sun is shining above your head so as to enjoy the heavenly light. Maximum number of pax is 25.