Caving / Spelunking in Bresciano Park, Garda Lake, Lombardy Italy

Spluga della preta:
877 m/2877 ft deep / 1348 a.s.l
Spluga della preta:
Karstic character
Lake Garda and its environs, due to the particular geographical formation and the extensive number of natural cavities, located by the lake, offer several underground routes options, waiting to be discovered. In this area, the challenges you may have to seize, depend on the cave you may choose to explore.

In the vicinity of the Bresciano Park and particularly in Magasa and Valvestino area, the most famous caves of the region are located there. The famous Monte’s Lessini caves, Spurga delle cadene (area Rio Camparso), Spluga della preta (area Malga Fanta), Vajo dei modi, Abisso di lesi (area Lesi) and Covoli di Velo (area Covoli) are well-known for their prehistoric graffiti.

These caves with a depth from 1500 m/4921 ft down to 1700 m/5577 ft are the deepest in the region.  Some caves in Garda Trentino area can be reached only with a guide’s assistance from the Trentino Mountain Climbing Association. Best period from April to September.