Canyoning in Bad Tölz, Munich, Bavaria Germany

Physical condition:
Previous experience:
Not neccesary
Duration of the tour:
Approximately 4 hrs
Bad Tölz is located at 52 km/32 mi in the south of Munich in Bavaria and it is the administrative center of the district of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen.

Bad Tölz is a known spot where various extreme sports can be practiced. If you are looking for a very special adventure to boost your adrenalin levels, then canyoning is just the right sport for you. This disciplined activity is a mixture of hiking, climbing and swimming.

Your goal in Raum Bad Tölz is to overcome raging currents, rough terrain and rocky crevices. The terrain also contains gorges, caves and cascading waterfalls.  There is a training session offered on the spot if you are a beginner. Training session involves how to use ropes and equipment along with some initial guidelines on techniques of roping and emergency instructions.

Some of the techniques you will have to practice is abseiling at down steep cliffs to test the water in millennia faded slides or jump into crystal clear pools. Normal physical condition, slip resistance and vertigo and swimming are some necessary elements you need to demonstrate in order to practice canyoning.

Depending on the group size and team composition, you will need about 4 hours to complete the experience. All the necessary equipment is usually provided to practitioners. All you have to bring is walking or sport shoes and warm clothes to change afterwards.