Mountain Climbing in Mera Peak, Mahalangur Himal, Eastern Region, Nepal

September to October & April to May
4 (Alpine)
The Mera Peak is lying in Mahalangur Himal, in Eastern Region of Nepal. The Peak is located in Hinku valley in Sagarmatha Zone which also includes Mt. Everest. Although it hosts considerably marked and familiar routes, Mera Peak remains a challenging and demanding climbing destination.

The Mera Peak climbing trail is an established route and destination for many climbers. Climbing in the Mera summit doesn’t require specific skills but still the high altitude over the 6000 m/19685 ft should not considered to be as simple issue.

The Mera Peak includes three principal summits, the Mera North with 6476 m/21247 ft height, the Mera Central at 6461 m/21198 ft heigh and the Mera South at its 6065 m/19898 ft height. Usually, it refers to the Mera North when talking about climbing in Mera Peak. The Mera Central is more demanding spot since its less familiar and explored trails can be independently organized in order for one can reach its slopes.

Over the last years, due to avalanches and land-slides, the morphology of the mountain has changed and the climbing paths were modified. The west and the south sides have more elabored technical trails. The surrounding Hinku Valley, one of the most pristine region of Nepal and the breathtaking view from the Mera Peak of five peaks at 8000 m/26246 ft. height pay you back the effort of this challenge.

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