Canyoning in Hawequas Mountains, Cape Winelands, Western Cape South Africa

Up to 80m/262ft
Cape Winelands is an area of vast vines and vineyards as the name suggests. Situated in the north east of Cape Town, it constitutes fertile green valleys, towns and villages surrounded by proud mountains. It is characterized by Mediterranean Climate and the winter rain contributes to the famous wine production which can be found in most of the world's corners.

Within the Hawequas Mountains, there lies a popular ravine, called Sluice Gates and offers a fierce canyoning experience. The Sluice Gates is a perennial water feature that can be attempted by only the brave and experienced of practitioners. Canyoning here consists of at least a dozen waterfalls and drops up at 80 m/262 ft and various jump heights which will give you the appropriate shivers!!!

The adventure begins with an early morning walk across the plateau which gets you at the first 50 m/164 ft into a deep pool.  After this first descent, the drops range in heights as the ravine cuts a steep and narrow path along the mountain ridge. Don’t miss this thrilling experience in an out-of-common location.