Canyoning in Bruckgraben – Enns, Gesause National Park, Styria Austria

Level of difficulty:
Extremely difficult
Best time to visit:
Early May to mid October
6-7 hrs from the entrance
Steyr is a city which is situated in the federal state of Upper Austria, right on the junction of Steyr and Enns rivers. It is the third largest city in Upper Austria and the 12th most populated. However, the city serves an exquisite spot in Gesause National Park, at 91 km/56 mi in the southwest of Steyr, in the Styria State, ideal destination for canyoning.

River Steyr is a very big attraction to all sport enthusiasts and especially mountain sports enthusiasts. One sport particularly that is becoming very popular is canyoning. The specific route begins from Bruckgraben, an incredibly beautiful and very long canyon that is carved deep into rock, introducing many rappels.

If you try to put the Bruckgraben into words is almost impossible. This work of art is formed after millions of years by the water. The route is characterized as extremely difficult and should be followed only under perfect weather conditions, not even with a suspicion of thunderstorm.

At this canyon, you will have to pass over 17 abseils and many climbing on rock formations so you will have to be physically ambitious to experience this adventure. After a sporting ascent, you will reach the entrance and the adventure begins. There you will follow many slides, climbing and abseiling in some cases, the only one meter wide gorge.

In the heart of the canyon, walls of the ravine rise up to 100 m/328 ft and there is practically no daylight. After 3 permanent gorge parts, you will reach the shores of Enns. Among other things you will find traces and remnants of the old wooden Klausen. This tour is not only a special adventure but also scenic and simply unforgettable.