Backpacking / Trekking in Pacific Crest Trail, Angels Camp, California USA

3.5 mi/5.6 km
Bear Valley is a ski area located near Angels Camp, on highway 4, between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite, approximately 3 hours southeast of Sacramento, California, USA.

Near Bear Valley lies Ebbetts Pass, which is perfect for backpacking. Day rides can vary from unstrained, quarter mile rides to full day excursions on strenuous mountain peaks. One of the best rides at Ebbetts Pass is Pacific Crest Trail. There are two trail paths.

The first one is south of Noble Lake, which is a 3.5 mi/5.6 km, one way mountain trail with 500 ft/152.4 m descent elevation, changeable and 500 ft/152.4 m climb. The trailhead is at the parking lot. The trail drops down to 500 ft/152.4 m at Noble Creek and then gains back its elevation on its way up to Noble Lake.

The second trail is north of Reynolds Peak. It is a 4 mi/6.4 km, one way mountain trail with 100 ft/30.5 m up and down elevation. The trailhead is along the Highway, east of Ebbetts Pass summit. While wandering, you will pass the Kinney Lakes, where you can camp if you want. Don’t miss walking next to the rugged volcanic slopes of Raymond and Reynolds Peaks.