Rock Climbing in Blue Rocks, Abzakovo, Republic of Bashkortostan Russia

2-2 1/2 hrs to the hill
Top of Yamantau mountain:
1640 m/5381 ft
Abzakovo is a rural locality situated in Beloretsky District of the Republic of Bashkortostan in Russia. A ski resort of the same name is situated in the vicinity.

Abzakovo complex can give satisfaction to many tourists, who want to practice various sporting activities. One of the best ways to exercise and admire the beautiful nature that surrounds you is rock climbing. In order to perform this sport, a very good physical condition is required.

One of the biggest attractions in Abzakovo is the Blue Rocks or as you might hear calling them Small Kurtash. The rocks are nicknamed as Blue by no coincidence, as from a distance they are just blue!!

The unusual color appears because they have extremely clean, pure and transparent air surrounding them. Enjoy the magnificent nature by climbing up the mountain path to the Blue Rocks. From there you can have a nice rock climbing session, but be very careful.

Snow covers the rocks, so it might not be so easy to climb them and you might need special equipment. If you manage to reach the top, you will be awarded with the breathtaking views of the Raspberry Mountain, the city of Beloretsk and if the weather is good, you might see the highest point of the South Urals, the Yaman Tau.

All of these make rock climbing on Blue Rocks a one of a kind experience that you shouldn’t miss!