Skiing in Arskiy Kamen Resort, Beloretsky District, Republic of Bashkortostan Russia

Vertical drop:
30 m/98.5 ft
Longest run:
250 m/820.2 ft
Night skiing:
Rentals, lessons:
Abzakovo is a rural locality situated in Beloretsky District of the Republic of Bashkortostan in Russia.

In the mountainous part of the Southern Urals, near the sources of the White Beauty, the main river in Bashkortostan, lies one amazing recreational center full of activities, Arskiy Kamen Resort. In winter time one of the most popular activities in this resort is alpine skiing.

The center is surrounded on three sides by a bend of the White and the fourth by thick pine forest. Thanks to this extremely favorable location, Arskiy Kamen attracts a lot of alpine skiers. The one slope available for skiers has 2 tracks, one for novices and one for intermediate skiers, served by one chairlift.

The vertical drop might not seem very big, but it is enough to have fun on the snow, practicing your favorite sport. Due to this vertical drop and the location of the ski center, tricks and jumps are possible. The slope has night lighting, making night skiing possible for those who live more extreme.

The unique location of the skiing area next to the ski school makes the place ideal for learning how to ski. The necessary equipment is available by the rental shop. Other amenities include accommodation, a restaurant, a cafe, a repair shop, a skating ring and snow cannons for slopes in perfect snowy condition.

The recreational center Arskiy Kamen is a unique combination of rare beauty of the Urals with the requirements of all modern recreation, making the place a one of kind skiing destination.