Skiing in Mratkino (Beloreck) Ski Resort, Beloretsk, Republic of Bashkortostan Russia

Top station elevation:
806 m/2644 ft
Vertical drop:
290 m/951.5 ft
Longest run:
1250 m/4101 ft
Beloretsk is a Russian town situated on the Belaya River, about 152 mi/245 km from Ufa, in the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Mratkino or as it is also known Beloreck is a ski resort situated on the picturesque mountainsides of Mratkino mountain. The resort belongs to the Belirazk region and is named after the mountain. Mratkino has an absolute height of 806 m/2644 ft and a comparative height of about 530 m/1738 ft.

For those who have not such big experience in one of the most popular sports, alpine skiing, there are five trails offered of different complexity, where you can learn how to ski or if you are an amateur, you can always improve your skills.

Three of the trails are made for advanced skiers though, so those who want something more challenging, they can try one of these trails. The entire system is served by 4 chairlifts, so you are able to reach the peak again and again. The resort is beautiful, inspiring many different emotions. The fresh forest air fortified needles plants, the bright sun and the wonderful ski trails will be your friends for as long as you are there and forever in your memories.

Mratkino is a mountain, which became overgrown with pine trees with an extension of 2300 m/7545 ft. All these are best described in Bazhov tales and you can see in the region the malachite sea in a forest of pine trees in shimmering snow-white hats.

In a few words, Mratkino ski resort is a wonderful and ideal place for your favorite sport of alpine skiing and it is definitely worth a visit.