Snowmobile in Abzakovo, Beloretsky District, Republic of Bashkortostan Russia

Base station altitude:
1170 m/3839 ft
About 4 days
Abzakovo is a rural locality situated in Beloretsky District of the Republic of Bashkortostan, in Russia. The complex Abzakovo is located in the vicinity.

In winter, there is always the subject of whether to spend time to relax and have fun or go out there and live intense. For the active ski resort of Abzakovo, the perfect action is a walk on snowmobiles.

There is no better way to know the environment, than snowmobiling. When you go snowmobiling in Abzakovo and around the virgin forest, you enjoy overnights in the cabins, offering views of splendid, indescribable beauty of the nature.

When you go out there on the snowmobile, you drive through fluffy snow, ancient spruce and amazing landscapes that are alternating in the frenzy of speed. There are of course some dangers, so please be careful.

The most usual route is around the southern Urals through Ural-Tau pass to Katarysh hamlet, a route of about 50 to 70 km/31.1 to 44 mi. You spend the night there and the next day you use the snowmobile passage along the ridges of Middle Kraka to Kaga settlement.

Overnight included in the wonderful Tengri tourist center. The next day, you experience a snowmobile trip in the vicinity of Kaga settlement along the border of the Bashkir State Nature Reserve. This tour is approximately 30-40 km/18.1 – 24.1 mi.

If you are a fan of long snowmobiling tours and overnights in the frozen nature, this is the route for you!!!