Skate Boarding in Frisco, Idaho Springs, Colorado USA

Time to skate:
Berthoud Pass is located between Idaho Springs and Winter Park and is one of the closest areas in Denver for skateboarding. It belongs to Boulder County and is just an hour away.

The top of the pass is at 11307 ft/3446 m and has access to a wide array of backcountry stashes. Frisco is located at about an hour away from Denver and it is popular for its skate park. The park is located at the Frisco Adventure Park. You can skate from dawn to dusk in summer months, but only at your responsibility.

In the park there are lite features for beginners above ground skate. It is highly recommended that you wear a helmet and other safety gear. The annual summit skate challenge is organized at Frisco Adventure Park. It is a weekend of skateboarding for all categories beginners, intermediate and advanced.

The ramps are pretty smooth, but be careful because around the park there are some cracks that can be deadly. The park offers a 3 ft/0.9 m mini pipe, which is good for learning how to do some tricks. Next to it, there are a 4 and 6 ft/1.2 and 1.8 m half pipes.

There are a lot of good transitions over the gaps and a cool angled bank. In the winter, it is almost unskatable. It can be really crowded on weekends.