Four Wheel Driving in Macetown, Queenstown, Otago New Zealand

River Crossing:
25 times
Organized Tour:
Queenstown is considered by many sportsmen as the capital of extreme sports and adventure activities. It is situated in Otago region, in the South Island, New Zealand.

The town is surrounded by Lake Wakatipu and the awe-inspiring Southern Alps, with spectacular mountains such as the Remarkables, Cecil Peak and Ben Lomond. Queenstown and the surrounding area was the setting for the legendary films Lord of the Rings and X-Men Origins. Despite the mountainous landscape, the climate is considered to be oceanic, with warm summers and temperatures that can reach up to 30°C/86°F, and cold winters with frequent snowfalls.

A few kilometers away, lies Macetown, the historic gold-mining town that was built in 1860. Grasp the opportunity to explore the legendary ghost town in an organized four-wheel driving tour (the track leading to Macetown is unsuitable for 2WD). Discover the narrow and steep Macetown Road (one of the most scenic roads in the whole world), and feel the thrill while crossing Arrow River up to 25 times!

When you reach the river, the guides will show you how workers used to pan for gold 100 years ago. Don’t miss the chance of trying it by yourself. It might be your lucky day!