Four Wheel Driving in Castello Tesino, Trento, Trentino-South Tyrol Italy

Passo Brocòn:
1616m/5301ft a.s.l
Since 2010, the first and only one of its kind runway circuit for cars and kart on ice and/or snow is being operated in Parco Naturale di Cascatella, in Passo Brocòn, in Valsugana-Lagorai area, south-east of Trento, in north Italy. Each category has its own circuit.

The runway for the kart is 300 m/984 ft length and it is possible to rent the karts inside the park. The runway for the cars is 600 m/1968 ft length and you can use a rally car, rented on the spot, or use your own car with the appropriate technical equipment.

The circuits are also used for educational purposes, such as safe driving on icy or snowy roads. Every season, races and performances from professional drivers are held in the spot. For the passionate of the four wheels, the feeling of the speed and drifting on the hard, slide ice or on the soft, thick snow is a unique experience. The combination is very promising and the fun guaranteed. Mind the ice!!!!!