Four Wheel Driving in Witsand Nature Reserve, Green Kalahari, Northern Cape South Africa

Distance :
2 - 3
The Green Kalahari is located at the Northern Cape, bordering Namibia and Botswana. It is characterized by red dunes, mountain desert and grasslands. Green Kalahari boasts best of both worlds, unspoilt semi-desert with green vineyards at the fertile valley of Orange River and the shimmering waters of the Orange River which thunder into a deep granite to form the mighty Augrabies Falls.

The Kalahari Mountain View trail is located at 20 km/12.4 mi away from Witsand Nature Reserve and at 50 km/31 mi from Groblershoop. It is not a property of the reserve but this is where the reserve has permission to conduct their 4×4 adventures, thanks to the owners of the private farm.

The terrain around Green is suitable for 4×4 adventure. The Kalahari Mountain View route is a self drive and a terrain consisting of sand, dunes, gravel roads and rocks.

Distance to be covered is 40 km/25 mi long, lasting a total of 5 hours. Graded 2-3, the trail includes obstacles like the amazing red Kalahari dunes with different gradients. Short and long tackles are available with an additional 4 km/2.8 mi of mountainous terrain, which lasts two hours to cover.

The spot also accommodates the soft roader as the difficult routes can be bypassed. The permit, GPS points and maps are normally provided before embarking on this awesome adventure.