Four Wheel Driving in Attart Offroad Park, Keratea, Attica Region Greece

Off-road with more than 20 multiple difficulty obstacles
4x4, SUV or authentic Off-Road vehicles
Course use options:
Part / Full
Change of wheels/ tires, Car wash
4x4s driving , use of special equipment and safe driving
Located about 13 km / 8 mi from the eastern coast of Attica, Keratea is one of the cities which belong to the Municipality of Lavrion. Keratea is also the base of Attart Off Road Park, a unique multi center and the only destination for Off Road enthusiasts in Attica. Drivers are given the opportunity to drive racing 4x4s in a real condition off road trail.

Multiple routes and more than 20 multiple difficulty obstacles, alternating routes for SUV categories or authentic Off-Road vehicles, entertainment venues cafe – bar, playground, exhibitions, presentations and demonstrations make Attart Off Road Park a unique recreation center, where athletic spirit and perfect installations co-exist.

Drivers can participate with their own 4×4 vehicles or rent one. They can also attend seminars about 4×4 driving, use of special equipment and safe driving. There is optional change of wheels and tires before entering the course and car wash upon exiting.  Moreover you can choose between part and full use of the course with a choice of different routes of difficulty.

Attart Off Road Park offers you the opportunity for a Jeep safari -through gravel and tarmac routes- from Lavrion or Sounion to the multiplex. Finally when you are finished driving, you can have fun by playing paintball, practicing on archery or climbing on the 10 m/33 ft x 5 m/ 16 ft artificial wall. Is there anything else you wish for? Well, this spot would probably get that too!