Skydiving in Rochelle, Ogle County, Illinois USA

Jump Height:
18000 ft/5486 m
Weight limit:
Rochelle is a city situated in Ogle County, Illinois, USA. Being at the intersection of many major transportation routes, it is also known as the Hub City. Rochelle lies along the Kyte River or as it is also known to locals Kyte Creek.

Rochelle is a city near Chicago, known among others for its big air sports activity and especially a skydiving variation, freeflying. If you want to conquer the skies, do it with style!

The procedure is the same. First book a freeflying appointment or else you will stand and watch in disappointment others boarding the aircraft.

The unique fact about Rochelle is that you have more time to fly and perform many forms, as the height of the jump raises up to 18000 ft/5486 m, the highest one in the Midwest United States. After reaching the airport, you will get a short briefing and then you put on your equipment and you are ready to go.

The free fall lasts a minute and a half and the difference between skydiving and freeflying is that you have the opportunity to make some formations at the free fall period, as with head down, sitting, with your back, standing and many others, offering spectators a fantastic show!!!

After reaching the appropriate height, you open your parachute and enjoy a nice soar above the city of Chicago, feeling anticipation for the next time. Landing is easy, just run and stop, easily and gently. Don’t miss the incredible opportunity to fly free and experience amazing images of yourself, right here in Rochelle.