Bungee Jumping in Macau Tower, Macau, South Central China

Platform height:
Free fall speed:
Up to 200kph/124.27mph
Macau is located on the west side of the Pearl River Delta, across Hong Kong and was the first and last European colony in Asia. As it was a Portuguese colony until 1999, the city is very much alike a European country with vivid colonial signs of history, being quite visible especially when scrolling around the old city.

Nowadays, Macau is a world class touristic destination with diverse attractions, modern skyscrapers, casinos, luxury resorts and fine dining. One of the most impressive buildings in the city is the Macau Tower.

Reaching at 338 m/1109 ft of elevation from ground level to its highest point, it offers breathtaking views of the city of Macau. Macau provides endless entertainment and leisure activities like theaters, shopping malls, restaurants while an exciting walk tour around the outer rim, called Sky-walk X will seduce your senses. However, there is more than just good views and nice restaurants.

One of the world’s highest bungee jumps will give you an unbelievable free fall experience, falling from a platform located at 233 m/764.4 ft above the sea level. Once you jump off the platform, you will be free-falling at a high speed of up to 200 kph/124.27 mph during four to five seconds, while the 50 m/164 ft bungee cord is getting stretched and rebound again off the ground, until you land safely on an airbag.

Bungee Jumping from Macau Tower is a high adrenaline activity, suitable for those who are brave enough to throw themselves in the abyss while plunging straight towards the city floor. Prepare yourself for a once in a lifetime adventure and feel the thrill of this extreme journey right into the heart of Macau’s incredible city.