Scuba Diving in Qiandao Lake, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, Eastern China

Best Season:
April to November
Bottom temperature :
Around 7°C - 18°C / 44.6°F - 6.4°F
Surface temperature:
Around 11°C - 32°C / 51.8°F - 89.6°F
26m / 85.3ft - 40m / 131.2ft
3m - 8m / 9.85ft - 26.8ft
Shi Cheng or ''Lions City'', situated in eastern China, nearby Shanghai, lies for the last 60 years in the bottom of Qiandao Lake. Although the inhabitants of the town had to leave their home place, divers from all over the world found the beginning for new, exciting underwater adventures.

Though Qiandao Lake is an artificial lake created quite recently, it is an extraordinary diving spot worldwide. In its muddy, slanting lake bottom lies for decades now, the ancient city of Shi Cheng or ”The City of Lions”.

The ruins of the submerged city are in perfect condition, creating a Hollywood setup. The facades of the buildings, the arches, the statues, all standing on the blue, blurry bottom-lake as welcoming hosts.

The site demands advanced, deep, open-water diving experience. Due to the sandy lake-bed, the visibility of waters is not so clear.

The Thousand Island Lake, nicknamed by its one thousand seventy eight (1078) artificial islands, has an impressive surface panorama, but a unique underwater scenery! Will you miss it?