Kayaking in Ung Kong Islands, Hong Kong, South Central China

Skill level:
Beginners and advanced
Best season:
During the summer months
Tour duration:
6 to 8 hrs
Necessary gear:
Provided on spot
Hong Kong or else the "Asia's World City" is a unique city, located on the south coast of China and enclosed by the South China Sea and the Pearl River Delta. Build on the fountains of an ancient civilization and influenced by the west culture, as it was until recently a British colony, Hong Kong is an amazing intersection of cultures, modern architecture, fine dining and vibrant art events, as well as one of the world's leading financial centers.

Ung Kong is a group of islands located within the Hong Kong Global Geopark. Formed by intense volcanic activity during the Late Jurassic era, the islands include impressive geological formations and caves created by magma intrusions. One of the best ways to discover this wild part of Hong Kong is to take a kayak tour and paddle around or even through this amazing group of islands.

Most of the kayak tours start from Sai Kung fishing village harbor. From there, speed boats take you to a base camp, where all the kayaks as well as your guides are ready to welcome you and provide you with the necessary gear, before you begin your adventure. After a short briefing, the sightseeing journey begins and can be combined with swimming and snorkeling, as well as hiking on some of the islands.

The excursion starts early in the morning and lasts about six to eight hours, depending on the itinerary you will choose. All kayak tours are suitable for all skill levels and the best season for this activity is during summer months. Note that the climate is influenced by the monsoons and summers are hot and humid, with frequent thunderstorms and typhoons and the temperature exceeds 30 °C/86 °F during the day. So it is best to bring a mosquito repellent, sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat, as well as lots of water and snacks.

Ung Kong Islands is a unique place to visit, away from the crowded and noisy city. Due to the unpredictable weather conditions, it is best to choose a guided tour.