Cliff Diving in Wadi Shab, Niyabat Tiwi, Oman

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The Sultanate of Oman is an incredibly beautiful Arab country, located on the southeast side of the Arabian Peninsula, fronted by the Persian Gulf. The amazing natural diversity and the pristine desert landscape, along with important historical sites and impressive architecture, has turned the country into a top destination for tourists from all around the world.

Oman is gifted with many underground fresh water streams that flow through rugged brown mountains and create scenic canyons or else wadis, rich in fauna and huge Palm trees. One of these natural oasis is the Wadi Shab in Niyabat Tiwi. With easy access by car from the Qurayyat-Sur highway, this hidden paradise hosts seven pools with crystal clear emerald water, bordered with dramatic rocks, waterfalls and a cave where you can swim to and have fun with the fantastic echoes.

"Cliff Diving at Wabi Shab"

The canyon like valley provides with many spectacular jump off points and a variety of different heights to choose from. The average temperature during summer is 50°C/122°F while the water temperature is 25°C/77°F and that makes the dive into the fresh water pool, definitely a refreshing one. Wadi Shab has also hosted the finals of the Red Bull Cliff Jumping World Series with great success and turned the spot into an international playground for extreme cliff divers.

"Cliff Diving at Wabi Shab"

Cliff diving in this naturally made paradise in the middle of the desert is a one’s in a lifetime experience, suitable for everyone who want to test their strength and balance. It is best to book an organized tour or hire a guide to take you to the spot and show you around. Cliff divers should be alert for rain clouds because sudden rainfalls can occur and flash flood the canyon.