Paragliding in Glengarriff, Cork, Ireland

Skill Level:
Experienced Pilots
Top Elevation:
267 m/875.8 ft
County Cork is situated in the South-West Region of Ireland and is the largest of all Irish counties. The climate here, like the rest of Ireland, is classified as a maritime climate, usually with cool summers, mild winters and abundant rainfall. Cork enchants visitors with its beautiful landscapes, historic towns and magnificent coastline. In addition, it provides a number of sporting and leisure activities to perform and remember forever.

Bantry Bay is a natural bay that is situated in County Cork. The bay extends approximately 35 km/22 mi from northeast to southwest into the Atlantic Ocean. Glengarriff is a seaside village that nestles in the sheltered Bantry Bay. The site boasts many local attractions, including the Italian Gardens on Garnish Island and a number of activities to please all sport enthusiasts. So, if you are a nature lover and at the same time wishing to feel the adrenaline rush, then you are in the right place!

Enjoy breathtaking views of Garnish Island and Bantry Bay, while you are flying through the air. The take off altitude is at  267 m/875.8 ft above sea level and the take off point is found at 51°46’19” (51.772)N; 9°34’55” (9.582)W. In addition, the landing point is found at 51°46’12” (51.77)N; 9°34’29” (9.575)W, at an elevation of 234 m/767.5 ft.

The optimum wind direction is from the south, southeast and the ideal time to visit the spot is during spring and summer months. Finally, it is appropriate for more experienced pilots, as top landing is recommended.