Sailing in Baltimore, Cork, Ireland

Best Periods:
Spring and Summer
Skill Level:
County Cork is situated in the South-West Region of Ireland and is the largest of all Irish counties. The climate here, like the rest of Ireland, is classified as a maritime climate, usually with cool summers, mild winters and abundant rainfall. Cork enchants visitors with its beautiful landscapes, historic towns and magnificent coastline. In addition, it provides a number of sporting and leisure activities to perform and remember forever.

Baltimore is a beautiful, fishing village that sits on the southwest coast of County Cork. Apart from the stunning natural surroundings, Baltimore offers a rich variety of maritime activities to locals and visitors. There is no doubt that Baltimore is home of sailing. The natural harbour is a safe anchorage for numerous boats and yachts. But, the real pleasure of sailing in Baltimore is to visit the magnificent sea coves and some of the many wonderful islands.

In addition, the location hosts several options of training schools, providing courses and lessons for novice sailors, who want to enjoy the beauty of the southwest coast from the sea. Some schools offer the opportunity for people with disabilities to enjoy a sailing ride.

Water temperature ranges from 7°C/45°F in winter to a maximum of 15°C/59°F in summer and early autumn months. Keep in mind that, you can get involved as much as you like, you can help sail the boat or hire a captain. Last but not least, the ideal periods are in spring and summer.