Wind Surfing in Soma Bay, Red Sea Governorate, Egypt

Water average temperature:
26.2°C/79.15°F, April to October
Air average temperature:
38°C/100.4°F, April to October
Average Winds :
4-8 Bft all year round
Surf Week Event:
05.09.2013 - 12.09.2013
Soma Bay, southeast from Cairo, in Egypt, is considered a top holiday destination and a hot water sports playground. One of the most beautiful beaches on the Red Sea coastline, Soma Bay is an ideal location for windsurfers.

The excellent weather and water conditions in Soma Bay make this hotel based holiday area one of the best spots worldwide for windsurfing.

The wind blows from the west and the proximity of the mountains to the sandbank create the perfect wind-speed for a long period. Here the Saharan desert clime meets the fresh wind from the Red Sea, creating very pleasant conditions for any surfer, beginner or expert. Speeding or freestyle whatever is your surfing style the location can satisfy your needs and helps you improve your skills. Schools and instructors of the area are highly professionals and can aim or facilitate your efforts. The beaches here are open and large, ensuring comfortable training.