Wind Surfing in Torrisdale Bay, Bettyhill, Highlands and Islands United Kingdom

Level of difficulty:
10 out of 10
Best season for visit :
All year round
Swell height :
5-8 ft / 1.5-2.5 m
Wave length:
985 ft / 300 m
Torrisdale bay represents an isolated diamond spot, located in Northern Scotland. The bay combines water-sport activity like windsurfing with sight seeing in the magnificent highlands. Always prepare yourself for rough weather conditions.

Torrisdale bay is an inlet facing the North Sea, located in Northern Scotland, Highlands. Torrisdale beach is formed mainly by sand and at some point you may find rocky sand bed. The beach is suitable for many water sports, among those is wind surfing. Here you will find good weather conditions all year round, but best period for visit is from April to October. If you prefer visiting during winter, make sure to equip yourself with full surfing suit, as the water is very cold.

Checking the weather forecast before visiting is always a good idea. Always choose the best wind direction which comes from the west, southwest or south since these winds would build up for you a satisfying swell size for wind surfing. The swell varies, but starts working from 1.5 m/4 ft and can hold up to 2.5 m/8 ft plus, which is pretty typical in this area. Adding to that, you can catch a wave with a length of up to 300 m/984 ft long on a good day.

Don’t expect to find facilities on the beach, as it is pretty remote and isolated. However, close to Torrisdale beach, Bettyhill is there for you providing places to stay and few shops. It goes without saying that you need to bring with you all the necessary equipment, as there is no organized renting provider on spot.