Wind Surfing in Plage du Reposoir, Geneva, Switzerland

Best wind direction:
Average wind speed:
16-25 knots/18.4-28.8 mph
Water quality:
Best time to visit:
September to November
Geneva is the capital city of the Republic and Canton of Geneva. It is the second most populous city in Switzerland and the most populous city of Romandy, which is the French speaking part of Switzerland. Geneva is situated where Rhone exits Lake Geneva. It is a global city, a worldwide center for diplomacy, a financial center and the home-base of numerous international organizations.

One very popular water sport, performed in Plague du Reposoir near Geneva, is wind surfing. The lake is perfect for windsurfing. The beautiful beach meets the magnificent lake, giving in the ideal windsurfing spot. It is very easy to find the beach as it is just at a couple of minutes outside Geneva on your way to Lausanne.

Parking is easy at a restaurant lot, if you visit the lake all year round, except summer months. Then parking can become an issue for any local or visitor. The wind ideally blows from the northeast with a speed of 16 to 25 knots/18.4-28.8 mph, something that allows freestyle, free-ride, bump and jump as wind surfing styles.

Generally, the lake has little wind so it is best to check out the forecast beforehand, if you plan to visit the spot. Better wind conditions are observed in the evenings though, so why not trying a nocturne session. The best direction relative of the wind is side-onshore. The beach is very crowded in the weekends and not so much in week days, so you should be extra careful of other water crafts.

The water quality is clean with no currents, deep with no tide dependency. Best time to visit is from September to November. In general, it is a good place to practice wind surfing so if you find yourself in the area, you should definitely try it.