Snowboarding in Leysin Ski Resort, Leysin, Switzerland

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Leysin is a beautiful sunny alpine resort village, located at the east end of Geneva Lake in Switzerland, in the Bernese Alps. With breathtaking Alpine views of the Rhone Valley, this place gives you direct access to the heavily forested surrounding mountains, suitable and very well organized for many outdoor activities, all year round.

But one of the best reasons to visit Leysin during winter, is the Leysin Ski Resort. The mountain where the resort is located offers a top elevation of 7217 ft/2199 m and vertical drop of 3074 ft/937 m. It offers a skiable terrain of 0.24 km²/60 ac and runs for 62 mi/99.7 km, suitable for all skill levels.

For the most advanced snowboarders, the snow park is one of the most well equipped and updated in the area. There are many obstacles for the freestyle fans such as hips, rails, gaps, step ups and downs and so much more, plus a super-pipe of more than 16.4 ft/5 m high. All these elements guarantee to the rider maximum fun and adrenaline on an alpine playground.

Because of its famous snow-park, Leysine is a center stage for many important extreme snowboard events and one of the stops for the Nescafe Champs part of the World Snowboard Tour. Prepare yourself for an exciting freestyle snowboard action in a magical playground, such as the Swiss Alps. For accommodation, do stay in a hotel or chalet in the village because there are many events and happenings during the competitions.