Wind Surfing in Dunsborough, Geographe Bay, Western Australia Australia

Dunsborough is a coastal town of Forrest in the southwest of Western Australia, giving in Geographe Bay. The city is located in a distance of 254 km/157 mi in the south of Perth.

Dunsborough become a famous tourist destination in the recent last decade and it was voted Australia’s best tourist destination in 1999. A large length beach covers the main Dusnborough coastline which is a great spot for windsurf especially for wave riding.

Most of the beach breaks offer northern swells, after blowing high scale winds from the north for a couple of days. The beach and the sea bottom are sandy and it’s a really great spot for all level of surfers, from beginners to advanced practitioners. The place is a very famous tourist destination so one would find many cafes, restaurants and accommodation options.

Windsurfing retail gear is available for renting in Dunsborough, but suppliers operate only during the summer months, with only gear suited to beginners. So, the advanced practitioners would need to bring their own gear to practice windsurfing. Suitable for all seasons, Dunsborough offers both spectacular scenery and a wide range of activities from family fun to sports, leisure and adventure.