Wind Surfing in Lakes Bay, Atlantic City, New Jersey USA

Wind Speed:
16-21 knots/30-39 kph
Air Temperature:
Water Temperature:
Many people from every corner of the world, visit Lakes Bay every year. The spot is located in West Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States. In order to satisfy your curiosity, discover this place and you will never regret it.

Lakes Bay is famous for its hospitality and water-sports as well. So, if you want to exercise an unforgettable activity, windsurfing is well worth it. Not only is this place ideal for your activity, but it also offers you easy access. Now, the only thing left to do is to visit this site and try to practice windsurfing.

The spot offers great flat waters with south and southwest thermal winds. The venue faces of this spot are at SSW. With 16 to 21 knots/30 to 39 kph wind speed, it is sure that you will enjoy your activity at best. Air temperature is 72°F/22.22ºC and water temperature is 63°F/17.22ºC. Lakes Bay offers to windsurfers the opportunity to enjoy their favorite sport far away from the crowd. So, if you also want to avoid the crowd, Lakes Bay is waiting for you. Once you arrive at this place, you will realize that you have done the best choice of your life. While you windsurf at this spot, be careful of crab pots and muddy bottom.

Services like schools, rental shops, storage racks, bathroom, shower, deck and picnic tables are available on spot. We wholeheartedly recommend visiting this place and having the time of your life!