Wind Surfing in Pleasure Bay, Castle Island, Massachusetts USA

Swell size:
3-6 ft/1-2 m
Best wind:
Southeast, South by Southeast , South, South by Southwest, Southwest
Pleasure Bay, nestling Castle Island, is one of Boston’s most popular beaches and a place for a number of extreme sports. The island, litteraly connected to the mainland, is home to Fort Independence, a National Historic Landmark, and Pleasure Bay features a sandy beach and swimming in a calm, enclosed lagoon.

Easily accessible, it is located in South Boston and is a very sunny and sandy beach. Parking is free. Water is very clean but can get shallow when low tide. Condition of the water is most of the times flat. You have to pay attention to the rocks on the bottom, as it can become dangerous.

When windy, the spot attracts a lot of windsurfers, but it is not so much a spot for beginners. Best wind direction is Southeast, South by Southeast , South, South by Southwest and Southwest. Average wind is 10-20. Swell size varies around 3 to 6 ft/1 to 2 m. Spring and Fall are the best times of the year to visit this wonderful spot.

Because it is so close to Boston, approximately 10-15 minutes away, a lot of people come here after work. Next to Pleasure Bay is Castle Island, which gives the visitors the chance to combine pleasure with historical sightseeing.