Skimboarding in Seaside Park, Ocean City, New Jersey USA

Wave Quality:
Wave Type:
Wave Direction:
Right and left
Good Swell Direction:
Good wind direction:
Seaside Park is a borough in Ocean City, New Jersey, United States. Although it is not one of the biggest areas of New Jersey, Seaside Park hosts many visitors every year.

During summer, it is common this place to be very crowded with people, who want to relax and enjoy their holidays, as well as skimboarding enthusiasts. Many people choose Seaside Park for both their summer and winter getaway, as the place provides great conditions for their staying.

With normal wave quality, beach-break wave type, and right and left wind directions, it is sure that you will have an amazing experience. Wave length is short (50 m/164 ft) and on good days can reach at 150 to 300 m/492 to 984 ft.  Good wind direction is from west.

Seaside Park is a place that no-one should ever miss. Having great weather conditions, this place has greatly affected the way to enjoy this exciting sport. So, don’t think about your worries anymore, make the right decision and enjoy yourself in the most suitable place. If you feel tired or hungry, nearby you will find many restaurants and accommodations available.