Wind Surfing in Camp One Beach, Kahului, Hawaii USA

Skill level:
Beginner to advanced
Wind direction:
Kahului is located in Maui Island on Hawaii and is the largest city of the Island. It is considered to be a shopping destination because there are several major stores and malls.

It’s also home to Kahana Pond State Wildlife Sanctuary and the Alexander and Baldwin Sugar Museum, dedicated to Maui’s sugar industry. Kahului has its own major airport located in the North shore. The climate is tropical wet, but during winter is very windy and dry, ideal for water sports.

Along the sea side, there are schools and shops to buy or rent surfing gear as well as to take surfing lessons if you are a beginner. Camp One Beach is perfect for both beginners and skilled windsurfers.

The sea is reef rocky and the wind is consistent coming from South. It is one of the spots offering the best jumping conditions on Maui Island. The best swell angle is from North, Northeast. Wind surfers should be careful of rocks, high wind conditions and sharks.